Heritage studies

The buildings at 19, rue du Saint Jean and 2, rue des Trois Maries are located in Vieux Lyon, in the Saint-Jean sector. Most of the houses in the district date back to the period of intense construction of the Renaissance and today the district is characterized by buildings with colored coatings, stone moldings, with numerous arcades on the ground floor, bays with mullions and transoms, and constructions with differentiated spreading.

Atelier ELEMENT intervened to carry out a heritage study as part of the renovation project of the building carried out by our colleagues from Ax Architecture.

We were able to retrace the history of the buildings, carry out a heritage diagnosis with the identification of remarkable elements, carry out a health assessment and establish recommendations which will be the starting point for the future architectural project.

Project management: Ax Architecture
Program: Heritage Study on the building
SUP: Cadastral plot area: 252 m²
Cost excl. VAT: N.C.
Status: Study Completed
Year: 2021
Mission: EP
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