The canut buildings are buildings designed in the 19th century to accommodate silk weaver workers, called canuts. From the 20th century, with the development of industrial factories, the canuts gradually disappeared and these buildings then became workers’ dwellings. The characteristics of these apartments were very large windows, a ceiling height of 4m or more and French wooden ceilings.

Today these accommodations are highly sought after and it has become necessary to bring them up to date and up to date.

For this canut apartment, Atelier ELEMENT designed the entire space following the complete demolition of the existing one. A mezzanine has been created to increase the surface and the spaces have been optimized.

The entire design of the mezzanine and steel staircase, the kitchen and the steel worktops, as well as the solid oak furniture and shelves were made to measure.

Natural light as well as raw and minimalist materials are vectors of the project.

The large glass roof of the mezzanine makes the sleeping area intimate and bright and contributes to the staging of the double-height living room.

Project management: N.C.
Program: Apartment
SUP : 48 m²
Cost excl. tax: 10 000€
Status: Delivered
Year: 2021
Mission: Complete
B.E.T. : /