Architecture workshop

The workshop

Architecture, urban planning and landscaping are complementary disciplines. They aim to draw the city and tell a story in time and space. This history is made up of cultural, anthropological and ecological relations: of the memory of the past and that of the future.

Architectural creation is one of the strong axes of Atelier ELEMENT, while taking advantage of the rigorous knowledge and know-how related to traditional architecture. In fact, we are aware of the challenges of our time and we seek to produce a reasoned and responsible architecture.

Atelier ELEMENT is a versatile architecture studio based in Lyon. It combines interventions on the built heritage and contemporary architecture. Our intervention skills range from small furniture development projects to complete building and landscaping projects on a site scale.
We believe that it is essential to integrate different degrees of reading and analysis of a project, starting from the “already there”, that is to say from all the data already existing on site. We take pleasure in exploring an architectural project as a whole (proportions – scheduling – landscape integration) down to the element (detail – material – touch). The transversal investigation around the architectural, urban and landscape project is at the heart of our concerns and we pay great attention to the context and the insertion of the components of the architecture in the landscape.


Eleonora Geminiani is a Graduate Architect from the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio (Switzerland) since 2011. She is also a Heritage Architect, graduated from the École de Chaillot since 2019. Her work in various agencies in France and abroad made it possible to acquire experience and knowledge in the field of restoration, but also in architectural creation and the integration of contemporary architecture in heritage sites, as well as in urban and landscape projects.

Eleonora Geminiani intervenes to carry out architectural surveys, architectural, historical and heritage studies of buildings, but also for the realization of projects, as well as the management of their realization on construction sites and assistance with project management.

She opens her architecture studio Atelier ELEMENT in 2021.